Time for a Blade Server Upgrade? – You will love the UCS B200 M5!

Cisco UCS B Series Blade Servers were made to simplify management, cost efficiency, increase visibility and control in rigorous data center environments.  Cisco has not only delivered, but set the bar for power and overall value with B200 M5.

You get more cores, more memory and more GPUs all in a half-width blade. And, you can achieve all of this paying 75% less than the closest competitors, HP and Dell. This is the kind of efficiency and practicality you can only expect from Cisco.

The heart of the M5 are the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which means you can cater your CPU to your business and budget. The B200 M5 server harbors up to 56 cores (28 cores per socket), and up to 3TB of 2666MHz memory.

The majority of Cisco’s blades bolster 7.7TB SFF NVMe drives and NVMe mezzanine connectors of 560GB or 3.2TB.

While all of this is stellar, I’m sure you’re asking, is a forklift upgrade required?


M5 blade servers will work in the first UCS 5108 Chassis Cisco propelled in 2009. They are likewise Cisco Intersight prepared. Giving you the simplicity of SaaS management to support your infrastructure with ease.

This design can reduce admin costs by up to 63% and accelerate the delivery of new updates by up to 83%.

With the new Intel CPUs, higher memory, and boasting the highest GPU density ever, the M5 is the best choice for utilizing VDI, and undoubtedly the best value out there for blade servers.