Cisco ISR 4400 and 4300: A Comparison

As we know, Cisco’s ISRs have always provided versatile features for the most demanding network infrastructures. The revolutionary 4000 series was created to outperform the competition in WAN environments, and the 4400s are not only the best units available, but also the best value of the two.

Today I’ll do a quick side by side comparison of Cisco’s 4400 and 4300 series and tell you why.

While these models have similarities, the 4400 offers much more power,reliability and performance options for the money than its predecessor.

The feature that has users excited? Dual power supplies!

When I met with users that have migrated from the 4300 to 4400 series to ask about performance differences, they always mentioned the dual power supplies first. 4300s only offer a single power supply, with no option for redundancy. Power failures cause drops in overall performance and higher costs. Every model in the 4400 series gives you an integrated RPS option. If you have already come to the conclusion that units of this caliber are a necessity for your organization, then giving yourself this kind of peace of mind is just as essential.

If for some reason you do not need redundancy, these units offer the option to boost POE power to 1450W with your dual power supplies.

But what about overall performance?

The 4400 series outperforms the 4300 series in every area! It has more expansion options and nearly 7 times more default throughput! 4400s easily double the capabilities of the 4300 series in every other area.

These units will serve your business well for years to come, and are well worth the investment for the peace of mind they provide.

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