CISCO3945/K9 3-Port Gigabit Wired Router Cisco 3945

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Model: 3945

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Product Information

Whether you work from home to make a living or use your computers only for entertainment, like streaming movies, watching music videos, social networking, gaming, or just surfing the Internet, you want your home network to work right, you want it to be fast, and you want it to be secure. Your Cisco router plays a key role in just how effectively those important details tie together, and it delivers on all three points. You can set up your home network and feel confident knowing speed, performance, and security are among the things your Cisco Series 3945/k9 Gigabit wired router is providing.Routers aren’t just for businesses and for people who have a lot of technical know-how. While some technical knowledge is required when connecting power supplies and setting up wired routers to run devices, or even to interface with other routers, technical advances have simplified the setup process over the years. Whether you have advanced skills with establishing computer networking systems through routers or this Cisco is your first, you can expect the connection process to be fairly simple.If you have been using routers and computers for a while, you’ve probably seen equipment and software quickly become outdated as new technology is released. With technology, like routers, things change quickly, so anytime you find something that has an upgradable interface, that’s an advantage you can tap into later, making your devices useful for a longer time period. This Cisco series three-port router offers a Modular Services Performance Engine 150, so upgrading to next-generation WAN environments is an option. When your home networking system requires you to connect multiple devices, like a desktop or two and a wireless router for connecting mobile devices to the Web, this Cisco series wired gigabit Ethernet router has three ports, four integrated service module slots, EHWIC, and four enhanced high-speed WAN interface card slots, so this Cisco series router offers convenient connectivity for fast browsing and Cisco iOS software for data exchange.Some of the Cisco router security features include embedded hardware-accelerated VPN encryption; DSP, which stands for digital signal processors; ISR, which stands for Interrupt Service Routine; wireless unified communications for voice commands; integrated threat control through a Cisco series firewall; and identity management with Cisco Systems public key infrastructure. Start surfing the net with your Cisco router knowing fast networking at 1025 Mbps, reliability, and security are on your side with this Cisco series 3945/k9 integrated Ethernet router as the hub of your home network.


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