Cisco IE-2000-16PTC-G-NX 2000 Series 18-Port Managed Switch – New

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Cisco IE-2000-16PTC-G-NX


The Cisco Industrial Ethernet 2000 (IE 2000) Series is a range of compact, ruggedized access switches that handle security, voice, and video traffic across industrial networks. They provide customers in industries such as automotive, oil and gas, mining, transportation, and energy with highly secure access and industry-leading convergence using Cisco Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP).


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IE-2000-16PTC-G-NX Specification

Physical Specification

Total Ports


RJ45 Ports

16 FE

Combo Ports

2 GE

Manufacturing license

Enhanced LAN Base

IEEE 1588






Conformal coating


Power consumption

4-port PoE/PoE+ models: 21-30 W (16-port base switch) and 4 PoE/PoE+ power requirement


●  256 MB DRAM with ECC memory

●  IEEE 1588v2 FPGA

●  64 MB on-board flash memory

●  1GB removable SD flash memory card (optional)

●  Mini-USB connector


●  Alarm I/O: Two alarm inputs to detect dry contact open or close; one alarm output relay

Connectors and cabling

●  10/100/1000BASE-T ports: RJ-45 connectors, 4-pair Category 5 UTP cabling

IE2000 Software Features

LAN Lite license

Baseline features

Layer 2 switching

IEEE 802.1, 802.3, 802.3at, 802.3af standard (see Table 8), VTPv2, NTP, UDLD, CDP, LLDP, Unicast MAC filter, Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP), Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) Ring (IEC 62439-2)


SCP, SSH, SNMPv3, TACACS+, RADIUS Server/Client, MAC Address Notification, BPDU Guard, SPAN session


IGMPv1, v2, v3 Snooping, IGMP filtering, IGMP Querier


Fast Boot, Express Setup, Web Device Manager, CNA, Cisco Prime, LMS, MIB, SmartPort, SNMP, syslog

Industrial Ethernet

EtherNet/IP, Profinet v2

LAN Base license

Additional features

Layer 2 switching

VTPv3, EtherChannel, Voice VLAN, Flexlink


IPv4 Port-Security, DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, 802.1x, Guest VLAN. MAC Authentication Bypass, 802.1x Multi-Domain Authentication, Storm Control, Trust Boundary, Access-List (ACL)

Quality of service

IPv4 Ingress Policing, Rate-Limit, Egress Queuing/Shaping, AutoQoS, PROFINET QoS


Port-Based DHCP, Storm Control - Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast, SPAN Sessions, RSPAN, DHCP Server, Customized TCAM/SDM Size Configuration, Embedded Event Manager (EEM)

Industrial Ethernet

IEEE 1588 PTPv2

IPv4 routing

IPv4 static routing

IPv6 routing

IPv6 host support, HTTP over IPv6, SNMP over IPv6

Enhanced LAN Base

Additional features

Industrial management

Layer 2 switching with 1:1 static Network Address Translation (NAT)

IP Lite license

Additional features

IPv4 routing

RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, VRF Lite, PIM for L3 multicast routing including sparse (SM) and dense (DM) mode.

IPv6 Routing

IPv6 Static routing, OSPFv3


FIPS 140-2

Embedded Event Manager

EEM feature enabled with IP Lite license

DNA Essentials

Additional features

Cisco DNA Center

Discovery, topology, inventory, software image management


DNA assurance, Device 360

Day-zero network bring-up automation

Cisco Network Plug-and-Play application

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