CAB-TA-NA AC Power Cord – US, Cisco Compatible, Black, 8ft – refurbished

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CAB-TA-NA AC Power Cord – US, Cisco Compatible, Black, 8ft – refurbished

CAB-TA-NA= | AC Power Cord | 5-15P to C15 | Cisco Compatible | 8ft

This North American Type A AC Power Cord is used in the US (And additional listed countries) with the PWR-C1-350WAC, PWR-C1-715WAC and PWR-C1-1100WAC power supplies. Compatible with the Cisco 3850 series Catalyst switches and more.

Equipment End:

C15, or IEC60320-C15 is a 3 prong, female connector commonly used on the end of computer and networking device power cords. This equipment end looks like the C13 with a notch missing. The C15 can be used in place of the C13 if needed, which makes it more versatile. This plug has a maximum current rating of 10 amps at 16-18AWG, 15 amps with 14-16AWG and able to handle a maximum of 250 volts. This end can plug into a C14 or C16.

Supply End:

The 5-15P, or NEMA 5-15P are three prong male plugs used in most households and businesses in North America to supply power to devices. These plugs are rated at 15 amps on a 10-18AWG cord and up to 125V AC. The receptacle or this plug is a 5-15R.

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